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Novus Altair Limited aspires to become the market leader through the promotion of innovation and technology advancement. The organisational framework and operational strategy are largely the result of industrial application of spun-out research at doctoral and post-doctoral stages at King’s College London by the organisational leadership. As such the spun-out cost estimation and modelling framework ensured a steady and solid growth for the organisation in a highly competitive environment during the most recent financial years with 150%, 60% and 80% growth in 2015, 2016 and 2017 respectively.

The company fully recognizes the growing importance of academic research towards commercial exploitation and industrial application and is now closely working with Centre for Robotics Research, Department of Informatics, at King’s College London and International Centre for Advanced Mechanisms and Robotics (CAMAR) Tianjin University China in the following areas:

  • Robots, drones and security
  • IT and systems support for security applications
  • The role of technology in the context of global security challenges

R & D Advisor

Prof Jian


Prof. Jian S Dai

Chair of Mechanisms and Robotics

School of Natural and Mathematical Sciences

King’s College London, University of London, UK

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As part of the evolving research collaboration, the company Director Dr Adnan Niazi was invited by Tianjin University in China to deliver a plenary talk at Tianjin University on 02 May 2017.      

Speech Title: Academics, industries and innovation


The key to commercial viability of an innovative concept, product or technology lies at the interface of academic research and industrial application. As such the innovation is likely to remain commercially unviable unless it accounts for application and a clear route to market through the promotion of technology transfer.

The aim of the talk was to highlight the importance of clearly identifying application of research deliverables and the significance of defining a clear route to market towards the commercial viability of an innovation.

Dr Niazi shared his experience through the case study of his fast growing spin out company that fully utilises the application of his research deliverables in the area of cost analysis, estimation and control leading to achieving optimum balance between quality and costs for potential customers. The strategy has resulted in increased market penetration in a highly competitive industry and thus in achieving the organisational growth at sustainable levels.

In order to promote the research collaboration between industry and academia, Dr Niazi was invited on a follow up visit to Tianjin University to deliver his lecture on 15 Nov 2017.

Speech Title: Academia and Industry Partnership


Given the growing importance of academic research towards commercial exploitation, there is a need to foster a culture of collaboration between industry and academia. There are challenges and expectations on part of the relevant stakeholders.

The aim of the talk was to expound the nature of academia industry relationship in the context of a sustainable partnership. 

Dr Niazi outlined the potential research projects for which the academic funding may be made available through his fast growing spin out company Novus Altair based in UK.

The main areas for potential research funding are as follows:

  • Robots, drones and security
  • IT, software development and systems support for security applications
  • The role of technology in the context of global security challenges

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